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What to do out of Rio de Janeiro

Trips by car / bus out of Rio De Janeiro:


Petropolis - about 70 Km from Rio, is the main winter tourist destination of the local residence. It was Brazil's summer capital during the reign of Dom Pedro II from 1847 until 1930 for the leading politicians, the diplomatic corps and wealthy families. The city contains magnificent buildings, an inheritance of its Royal and Republican past . IMPERIAL PALACE - Was turned into a museum and features furniture that was part of the castle and everything related to Brazilian Imperial period. There are few nice museums, fine food and nice shops.  (Recommended - one day tour from Rio) See also A walk from Teresopolis to Petropolis

PARATI (Paraty)

About 260 KM from Rio, 300 KM to Sao Paulo, 100 Km from Angra dos Reis. Parati established in the first half of the 16th century. It has been preserved as an example of Brazilian colonial architecture.

During the colonial period the city became the second most important port in the country, where the gold from the interior was embarked for Portugal. Constructed by Stone Masons in a square shape, Paraty has been called "a city inside a square". The symbol of the Masons is a compass inside a square and this theme can be noted on many of the door knockers of the older houses. As the city is at sea level, at high tides some streets are flooded and almost become canals like Venice. Nearby the city: 65 islands, 300 beaches, dozens of waterfalls as well as trails in the Atlantic Rain Forest in the "Serra da Bocaina" National Park. (Recommended stay: 2 days)


This is acommercial city, 20 KM from Rio - with a 13 Km long bridge connecting the cities.


Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer , this Museum houses a collection of contemporary Brazilian art. Its surrounding verandah offers views of Niterói, Sugar Loaf, Pedra da Gávea and Corcovado across the Guanabara Bay. (Half day tour)


Fortaleza de Santa Cruz - Niteroi

First Fortress built around Guanabara Bay (1555) in the top of a Rock. It preserves cannons from the XVIII century. The view is splendid. There are guided visits from 9:00 to 16:00 hours (in Portuguese only, price 3R$). Closed on Mondays.

Armacao de Buzios

About 180KM from Rio (2-3 hours drive), Buzios is a charming town with beautiful beaches, hills and tourist facilities. The downtown area, including the main street Rua das Pedras has many small shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs. How to get there: It is recommended to rent a car and tour the area of Buzios.
During day time there are Busses every 2 hours between Rio and Buzios. Bus company name: 1001 (mil e um) Tickets can be purchased in advance in Copacabana at Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 581 or at the Central bus station (Rodoviaria Novo Rio). Price: about R$ 30.00 one way.

(Recommended stay: 2-3 days)

Ilha Grande

The biggest island of Angra dos Reis bay.  See Island map here.

Nice white sand beaches surrounded by Atlantic forest. The best beaches are: LOPES MENDES, JAPARIZ,  FREGESIA DE SANTANA. LAGOA AZUL  and SACO DE CEU.

Most tourists stay at Vila do Abraao beach, where most of the guest houses, restaurants and gift shops are located.

For the ones looking for more isolated places to stay, it is better to find a guest-house in the Bananal Beach.

Pousada Sitio do Lobo - Phone 24-3361 4438 - Luxurious
Pousada Sankay - Tel/Fax: 021 24 3365 1090 / 4065 - Luxurious

Pousada Nautilus - Praia da Jaconema - Matariz - Recommended for diving and sightseeing.
Tel.: (24) 3377-6819 (11) 5058-1669
commended stay: 2-3 days)

Itatiaia National Park

Situated on the South-East of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The majority of the park is in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and the rest in the state of Minas Gerais. Itatiaia was the first Brazilian National Park, created in June 1913.

The lower part of the park may be reached by Car/Bus. In order to visit the upper part – it is advised to get a guide. Some companies (see link below) offer guided tours including transportation.

 General information:

Park size: (as of 1987) about 30,000 ha (300 square Kilometers)

Location: 160 KM from Rio de Janeiro, 250 KM from Sao Paulo
Latitude 22º19' to 22º45' S, Longitude 44º45' to 44º50' W,.

Get there: From the Rio – Sao Paulo highway (Via Dutra - BR-116) – direction city of Itatiaia, continue on BR-354 and follow the signs to the park.

Altitude: 700 to 2,787 Meters

Temperature: Annual average - 15°C to 28°C,  Minimum 0°C, Maximum 38°C

Best time to visit: June to February

Entrance (as of August 2006): 08:00 – 17:00,  3R$/person. Parking: Lower part: 5R$, Upper part: free.

Phone of the Park: (024) 3352-1461 / 1652 Itatiaia city tourist info: (024) 3352-1660

Guides: 1. ECORALPH Tel: (024) 3351 1823,
             2. Mr. Hildebrando   Tel (024)3355 1447 (024) 9264 8279







A municipality About 100 Km from Rio de Janeiro and 50 Km from Petrópolis, in the Rio de Janeiro state highlands.

A perfect place for those who like nature. From here you visit the national park of Serra dos Órgaos (the Organ Hills). This park has 110 km² and it has peaks higher than 2 Km.

A walk from Teresopolis to Petropolis through the park is one of the best (and hard) treks in Brazil, with 42 KM done in 3 days . On the way there are locations to sleep at night. Make sure you bring with you all the necessary equipment

Nova Friburgo

This city is in a mountain area, 70 KM from Teresopolis, 200 KM from Rio ( 2-3 hours by bus).
 Established in 1820 by Swiss immigrants from the Fribourg Canton, and in 1824 joined by German immigrants. he area has a peculiar charm. From the cable car station in the centre of town, climb the Morro da Cruz for a great views over the surroundings. The area is also great for hiking, with trails to the Pedra do Cao Sentado and the Furnas do Catete rock formations. Lumiar, another popular mountain resort, is nearby with fine restaurants and white water rafting.

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